Professor Elias Krispis

Professor Elias Krispis

Prof. em. der Rechtswissenschaften – Law School der Universität Athen
Ehrenamtlicher Rechtsberater beim griechischem Außenministerium
Vizepräsident der Stiftung für Internationale Rechtsstudien von Prof. Elias Krispis und Dr. Samara-Krispi

Dr. Anastasia Samara-Krispi

Dr. Anastasia Samara-Krispi

Doktor der Jurisprudenz (Universität München)
Präsidentin der Stiftung für Internationale Rechtsstudien von von Prof. Elias Krispis und Dr. Samara-Krispi

Nächste Veranstaltung

"Protecting the Environment from Human Intervation : Legal and Criminological Aspects ".



Department of Law, University of Cyprus; Foundation for International Legal Studies of Professor Elias Krispis; and National and Kapodestrian University of Athens.

Conference Venue: UCY Main Conference Hall (New Campus) (Anastasios Leventis Council & Senate Building, B108), Agladjia, Nicosia.

SUPPORTED BY: Cyprus Society of Criminology & Australian Alumni Cyprus 

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International Law Bulettin

International Law Bulletin / 09_2017

Sexual Violence against Child Soldiers: The Limits and the Dynamic of International Criminal Law based on the Ntaganda Case

In addition to participating in hostilities, child soldiers are often targets, among others, for rape, sexual slavery and forced prostitution. The forcibly use of children in armed hostilities, is not restricted to physical force, but may include threat of force or coercion, duress, detention, psychological oppression or abuse of power by taking advantage of a total coercive environment.



International Law Bulletin / 01_2017

Recent cases of the European Court of Justice

Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-610/15

Stichting Brein

Freedom of establishment

Making available and managing an online platform for sharing copyright-protected works, such as ‘The Pirate Bay’, may constitute an infringement of copyright



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